Sankt Peterburg

About us

LexisPro is an independent speech and language therapy clinic founded with the aim of offering the best speech and language therapy to pre-school, school aged children and youngsters who experience speech and language difficulties. We offer diagnosis, prevention, counseling and therapy for those who experience challenges with speech and language, as well as difficulties with reading and writing skills.

Our expertise is beneficial to children who experience a range of difficulties including: using first words and early sentences, unclear speech, attention issues, difficulties with listening, understanding what others say, autistic spectrum, etc.

We offer therapy to school aged children diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, attention deficit disorder and other learning difficulties.

Moreover, we support youngsters with difficulties in communication such as non-fluent speech and lack of self-confidence when speaking in public or giving presentations.

We provide a flexible, individual and a personalized approach for all our clients while insisting on a no waiting list policy.


Founders Profile

 Dragana Filipovic, BSc  Speech and Language Therapy (University of Belgrade), license to practice speech and language therapy (Ministry of Health, Republic of Serbia), MBA (Nottingham Trent University, Great Britain).

She has gained experience working in highly regarded organizations specializing in diagnosis and speech therapy (clinics and institutes) working with children and youth who have speech and language disorders.