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Since I was advised by a pediatrist that my elder son and also the younger one later should take up speech therapy, I went to see a speech therapist at a public medical clinic in our locality. After one session, I realized that I could not adjust my schedule to suit the busy schedule at the medical clinic. So, out of practical reasons though initially totally by accident, we hired Dragana, who's been our family speech therapist for a while now. At this moment of time I can say with certainty that we made the right and the best choice.

Both of my sons Aleksa (9 ½ years old) and Marko (6 ½ years old) started speech therapy at the age of 4. They had experienced difficulties in pronunciation of some consonants which required expert help. What is extremely important and very useful for every child are the different exercises that Dragana employed at Lexis center that cater not only to speech problems but also develop other skills and abilities of the children undertaking her therapy. She uses a variety of games that comprise of drawing based activities and telling stories, and helps children develop their concentartion, attention and kinaesthetic skills and helps enhance the kids' vocabulary. Dragana adjusted each exercise to my sons and they achieved the desired results in no time, without boredom and stress. Each session was a joy for them and in just a few months they overcame the difficulties in their speech. I highly recommend Lexis center because every kid will get much more than just speech therapy. Apart from fixing all the issues we had with our childrens speech, we made a good friend too.


Irena, Aleksa's and Marko’s mum


When Luka turned 3 ½ years my husband and I noticed that he did not communicate as fluently as most of his peers. We decided to start his speech therapy under the guidance of Dragana. She is a great speech therapist. We soon learned that Dragana is patient and kind as well and is a really effective speech therapist. She was able to find new and innovative ways to motivate him. She always had a clear plan and a very clearly defined goal about what she wanted to achieve through each session and it was great to see how she managed to get the best out of Luka. After six months of therapy in Lexis center, Luka was able to communicate confidently, he even got to enjoy drawing and also developed a very positive attitude to learning and books. All of these helped him later, when he enrolled into a primary school.

I give my heartfelt recommendations to the Lexis center

Maja, Luka’s mum