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Our service begins with a consultation where we take details and decide on the best plan of action for your child. If appropriate we will recommend an initial assessment (diagnostic) checkup, which may be followed by an individual therapy, group therapy or counseling and monitoring therapy.

Initial Assessment –

Appointments for the initial assessment will usually take place in our children friendly atmosphere. We begin by taking a detailed case history through speaking with parents and the child. We then carry out a range of assessments. The initial assessment may be done in an informal setting, depending on the child's age – through a game or a range of games. At the end of the session, the speech therapist will give the feedback of observations and assessments made by them and will discuss their recommendations with the parent. If required we will after a satisfactory assessment, recommend a customized speech and language therapy based on the requirement of each individual client.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy or regular 1:1 therapy is customized as per the individual needs, age or challenges faced by each client. All activities carried out during the individual therapy are designed around the child's interests to keep the child engaged and enhance his/her overall progress. In that sense, this is one of the best methods for treating speech and language disorders. Depending on the child’s needs, the therapy may be scheduled twice to five times a week. Parents will be updated about the changes and progress achieved on a regular basis so their mind can be at peace with regards to the progress of their loved ones. We will provide all necessary materials and resources. An individual therapy session usually lasts 45 minutes.

Mi obezbeđujemo neophodan materijal za rad tokom terapije. Individualna terapija traje od 45 minuta.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy might be recommended to those who have difficulties in communication withinasocial context or preparation for school. The size of the group is two to four participants. Group therapies are fun, exciting and engaging as they involve lots of games and activities.

Counseling and
monitoring therapy

We may need to see a client less frequently, if their present difficulties can be managed at home through advice provided by us over the phone or email. This method is usually recommended for clients with milder forms of speech difficulties and requires the parents to play an active role to assist the child to overcome their difficulty. Also, we are just a phone call away in case any advice or help is required by the guardian.

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